Devo Day // Dating With Intent

Devo Day // Dating With Intent


Those of you who know me or have been following for a while me can probably tell how much of an "old soul" I am. One of the major qualities of what I feel makes me an old soul is my taste in music. I feel I have grown up exposed to a wide range of music from various genres and decades than most people my age (thanks dad!). The same standard goes with my growing vinyl collection. As I've recently become curious of the exact number, I've inherited well over 200 vinyl records...not including the ones I have bought for myself. 


Before I inherited all of my records, Devo was one of my first. Most of you are probably familiar with their song Whip It, which is also on this album. This album is really fun to listen to with all of the interesting beats in each song. I often say I wish I had grown up in a different decade, but when asked which one I have various reasons for each individual decade. I'd have to say for the 80's, my reason would be the music. So many new genres and huge hits our society considers musical gold came from the 80's. While I appreciate something musically from every decade, the 80's might just be my favorite decade of all. 


Never pass up a chance to be silly!


I have been patiently waiting for a unique way to debut this skirt! It's such a groovy piece and makes me feel sassy! ;)


Dating With Intent

On one of the my many nights I found myself watching Gilmore Girls reruns on Netflix, a certain scene spoke to me. Lorelai was at the diner talking to Luke where she asked him if he was good at dating. He responded with a witty confused response due to the spontaneity of her question. Then Lorelai follows up by saying, "There's too much what if. I need things I can count on." This line spoke to me. Something I have noticed, especially within my generation, are how casual things are within dating. When hearing Lorelai say that line, I specifically thought of dating men who have no intention. People are letting "whatever happens, happen." Which is fine. But the thing that usually happens within one of those situations is, either person involved didn't think about how invested they would get with someone before knowing they would want to back out. An example of this being: I've dated seriously. And I've dated casually. When I've dated, and it at some point became serious, it was almost as if after a while the guy forgot why they were there. They lost their intention. Things slowly seemed to not matter. Communication and punctuality became a thing of the past. My point in saying this is, to women and men, don't lose your intention! And if you seem to notice this loss, dissect the issue and solve it. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself, Why am I here? Is it because it's just easier to be with them than to go through the process of being alone? Or is it because this person brings you peace and happiness you couldn't see possible in your life without them? And EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY: CAN I GIVE THIS PERSON WHAT THEY NEED? This is a question that needs to be answered when you first begin to see the true colors within someone. No matter what their flaws are - we all have them - you have to be aware and realize if you can handle them and still bring what is necessary to the table for a growing relationship. I am aware there are "what ifs" within dating and people change their minds. But one aspect of dating that I believe needs to be brought to the surface is intention. What is your intention when you join that dating website? What is your intention when you continue to spend time alone with someone specific? Everyone has their own values and way of doing things, and I respect that. But for myself, I don't enjoy wasting my time or feelings. I date with intention of finding the one. Of course I don't make this the main focus when getting to know someone because that could come across intimidating. There is a way of dating with intent that works because it's from your heart. I don't accept less, and I define all the various types of relationships I have within my heart (whether it be friend, significant other, etc.) Not everyone's intent will be the same. That's the challenge. But to realize no ones intent is the same, is the first step in understanding your intent that much more.


I hope you all enjoyed this Devo inspired post as well as this little written piece that has been resting on my heart,

Thanks for viewing and reading,

Lady In Thought


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