National Handbag Day!

National Handbag Day!


I don't know about ya'll, but when it comes to shopping for a handbag the process can be kind of... well.. tiring! Over the years I have bought many different colors, shapes, and sizes of handbags. While experiencing all these different handbags, I have realized I can be pretty picky! So today I thought it would be fun to share a couple of my purses that I switch between regularly and explain why they work for me!


Price Range!

Purses can be so expensive! I don't feel comfortable spending more than $35 on a purse. Any higher and I'm just asking for shoppers remorse. Anyone who regularly uses handbags or purses knows they only seem to last 2-3 years before they wear out, get torn or stained, or just simply aren't up to date with your style anymore.  


Inside & Outside Pockets!

Having pockets is just as important or if not more important than the color of my handbags! If I'm looking for a larger purse like the nude pink colored one above, I must have an outside pocket for my phone. There's nothing that bothers me more than digging around in the bottom of a large purse because I can't find my phone. On the other side of this handbag there's an outside pocket which is perfect for easy access to my phone! Pockets on the inside are super convenient too so I have easy access to sunglasses and lip gloss. 

In the past I have usually avoided using large purses because I have a horrible habit of shoving so many things into my bag and it becomes so heavy and painful to carry. So, over the years I have created this negative connotation with large purses when actually it's my own bad habits that make them a negative experience. The first step is admitting it and being aware right?? Haha!



I LOVE vibrant colored handbags and I think they can complete an outfit by adding a pop of color that's needed. Personally, I don't have the option to change purses every day according to my outfit, so I tend to purchase bags that will go well with any outfit. When looking to buy a new purse my go-to colors are black, tan, or other light colors like my nude pink purse.


Backpack Purses!

Over the last year or two I have fallen in love with backpack purses. I love the concept of having my arms or hands free mostly because I'm lazy and never want to carry anything, but also backpack purses are super stylish! I've seen many lately that have a larger, more boxy look to them and I could totally see myself with one of those. As long as I wouldn't put too much stuff in it to make it super heavy! ;) 


I hope you all enjoyed reading this and it inspired you to think about what you require within the handbags you love most. Go celebrate National Handbag Day by treating yourself to a new purse to complete your outfit!


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