Spring Season Must Haves!

Spring Season Must Haves!

Hello everyone!

I hope you're all having a lovely week!

I recently went on a big shopping spree with a close friend of mine and I found some great things for the soon arriving spring season! Within the last year, the trends of off the shoulder tops, chokers, and mom jeans (which I am in love with currently) have grown immensely! This particular shirt I have featured is a collared shirt with extremely widened shoulders to give that off the shoulder statement. I hope to coordinate a photo shoot including this outfit when warmer weather comes my way!

 This look I created below is great for those transition days between winter to spring that aren't quite warm enough for flip flops or shorts, but are warm enough to wear a loose shirt paired with jeans. I hope this gives some inspiration for your own spring season outfit creations!

I had to include my favorite brand of lipstick so I could rave about it! I have fallen in love with the Rimmel London Provocalips (shade 750 Heart Breaker). This is a two step lipstick, meaning, the first step dries, then a creamy gloss is applied over it. The best part is: it doesn't come off when touched or while eating!! I can't wait to add more shades of this specific lipstick to my collection! Especially for spring! ;)


Top: Forever21 ($22.90)

Jeans: Goodwill ($5.00)

Choker: Forever21 - Was included in a set of 2 ($5.00)

Lipstick: Rimmel London Provocalips - Target ($5.29)

Shoes: Forever21

90's Glam!

90's Glam!

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