2017 Festival Look & New Beginnings

2017 Festival Look & New Beginnings


As I put this post together today, I have the brightest smile on my face, not only because I absolutely adore this festival look I put together, but because I have a couple of big things to announce today. 

My first announcement being, well, you are already viewing it! I've made a change of platforms from Blogger to Squarespace. This platform is way more user-friendly for myself as an artist, and for you as a viewer! The opportunities are endless with this new space I have created, and I can't wait to continue to share my affordable, thrifty outfit creations with you here on my new space, permanently. That's right, update your bookmarked pages everyone! ;)

My second announcement is, I finally have an online resale shop! I have been working towards this idea for years! From what began as a day dream in my mind, is now a reality, and I can't believe it is actually open and ready for customers. I have created a Poshmark account (which will always be linked in the menu section, on the left-hand side of this page) where I will be selling gently used clothing, unique thrift shop finds and my own art. I will be advertising items for sale through my blog posts, and within my online Poshmark account. Poshmark is also available as a downloadable app for those of you who would like to keep up with my items for sale at a more frequent pace. Also, while you are viewing all that Poshmark has to offer, stop by Jade's shop. She has incredible items, great customer service, and I consider her a role model within this type of business. Visit her by searching Ornamentalstone or click here to visit her Poshmark shop. 

For all of you who are frequent readers, you must know how much I appreciate each and every one of you dearly. The fact that you visit the place that means most to me every time I post makes my heart extremely full. To those of you who are new viewers, Welcome! I'm so thrilled all of you are here for this new beginning. 

Before I end this post, I must thank all of you who helped me get to this point. Thank you to the viewers (again) for inspiring me and viewing my art within thrifty outfit creations. Thank you to Taylor Heery for introducing me to Squarespace. Thank you to Taylor Simon who took these great photos above, and for most of all being my best friend. Thank you to Cailin Haines for taking my Poshmark shop photos and for also being my best friend. Thank you to Billie Mitchell who inspires me with her positivity and helped me not be so scared to be in front of a camera. Thank you to all the people who didn't recognize my worth, because it pushed me to work that much harder to love myself, and what I do artistically. Also, last but not least, a big thank you to my parents who believe in me, guide me and push me to be the best I can possibly be. They are the two pillars in my life who have never shifted no matter how hard things have gotten and for that I'll always name you as my two biggest supporters and my two biggest fans. Love you! ;)

Thanks for reading,

Lady In Thought


* This romper will be available in my Poshmark shop soon! *

Romper: Tobi 

Necklace: Tuesday Morning

Heels: Target

Hat: Forever21

Bracelet: Victoria's Secret 

Spring In The 70's // Self Portrayal

Spring In The 70's // Self Portrayal

Let's Swing!

Let's Swing!

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