Double Decker Date // 20: A Decade To Be Thankful

Double Decker Date // 20: A Decade To Be Thankful

This past Sunday my best friend Cailin and I decided to spend the day in downtown Asheville as a belated celebration for my birthday. One of my favorite things about Asheville are all the adorable local boutique shops! From unique dresses, pottery, boho fashion, and eclectic jewelry creations, you really never know what to expect. The diversity within all the shops and people never fails to draw my attention. 

The photos below are indeed iPhone photography (thanks Cailin ;) ). I actually didn't plan on doing a photo shoot this past Sunday when we went to Asheville, but this outfit is different than anything I've put together in quite a while, so I thought, "How could I not show off this creation on my blog?!" 

Is it just me or does this outfit have such a west coast vibe? This outfit was incredibly comfortable and perfect for adventuring downtown! This creation, along with being super unique, was full of affordable and thrifty finds. The gray crop top I'm wearing is from Forever21, which I bought for under 9 dollars. I picked up the 80's dress shorts at Goodwill for around 5 dollars. I also found these super comfy white Levi high tops for 20 dollars!! (Can you believe that? Most shoes that even resemble high top converse are 30-50 dollars or more!!) Then to top off this outfit, I threw on one of my favorite hats from Urban Outfitters, which I bought for 10 dollars. 

AFFORDABLE, CUTE AND COMFY? - Best combination ever!

Cailin and I were extremely lucky when taking these photos on the Double Decker Cafe! This was our first time sitting on the second level because usually all the seats are taken! 

I believe I've mentioned Cailin on my blog before, but I thought I would officially introduce her! We have been gal pals for 10 years and counting. Cailin has such a big heart, a great singing voice, a wicked sense of humor, and best of all, she is such a dedicated friend. I've laughed harder with her than I have with anyone in my life. I love our friendship, and the little traditions we continue every year. I feel so thankful to call her one of my best friends. 

A Decade To Be Thankful

Those of you who have followed me for years, or know me personally, know I love to challenge myself. That being said, I want to dedicate my mindset more towards being thankful for this next decade, and for the future. You're probably thinking, shouldn't you already be and continue to be thankful all the time? Well, I agree! And I want that to be the goal as well. But I took steps within creating a positive mindset in life, and I know there will be steps toward a more thankful mindset as well. To not only view a glass half full instead of half empty, but to see something worth working towards even if things don't seem to be going my way. 

This past week, also being the week of my 20th birthday, has been so wonderful that I can't help but feel the goodness that is floating all around me. My my loving friends & family, a fixed car, a job with managers who genuinely care about my well being, a new lovely person I've met this summer who makes my heart feel a little fuller, my little shih tzu (Scout) who never fails to make me smile daily, to be able to live in the gorgeous WNC mountains and so many more things. I have found myself pausing a lot more within my life. While driving, enjoying a cup of tea, or when a certain song fills me with peace and causes me to think of all the things (big or small) I'm incredibly privileged to have in my life. 

I encourage you to stop to smell a flower on your next path taken, soak up the moments during your favorite song, pause to tell someone thank you & why, create a thoughtful gesture unlike any other, and most of all love. And be thankful for the love you've received today. 

Thanks for reading & visiting,

Lady In Thought


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