Let's Talk Business

Let's Talk Business

Those of you who have been following me since my senior year may remember that I was part of a group called 828Seniors created by Billie Mitchell. I was her first group of senior models here in Hendersonville, and it was one of the most uplifting, unique experiences I have ever been a part of. Out of that experience I not only gained gorgeous senior pictures, but I knew early on I had gained Billie as a friend I would hold forever close to my heart. 

Through out the two years I have been graduated, I have been putting immense efforts into my school work, my blog, my online shop and my part time job. I knew from the beginning of 2017 this would be my year to begin interning and experiencing different careers of my interest, considering I am still unsure of what career to peruse. Photography has been one of my most loved art forms for many years, so it was most logical to begin networking within this field. 


Within the early months of 2017 I went through many trials and tribulations dealing with professionals in the area, while also waiting for the opportunity to begin working with a local photographer who was as serious about me as I was them. That being said, I am proud and extremely giddy to announce I am interning for Billie Mitchell Photography! It has only been a few weeks, but I'm cherishing every week I spend with this humble lady. A huge reason why I felt drawn to work for Billie is because we are passionate about so many of the same things. One specifically being that we both have a passion for making people see just how beautiful, special, and unique they truly are. I'm already so appreciative to work with someone who is patient with me (especially when I ask a million questions), someone to bounce creative ideas back & forth with, someone who is trustworthy, and most of all someone who cares about me personally just as much as professionally. 

I see so many people my age, still in their early years of college, constantly stating, "I have no clue what career to peruse or what to go to school for." I still say this frequently myself, mainly because I feel like my clock is running out of time, or pressures from society for us young folks to "figure it all out" are pressed upon our shoulders every day. I am not an expert by any means. BUT, what doesn't help the unknowns when figuring out a career is laziness. I have thought, for a year at least, "I'm in school...isn't that enough?" As if one day I would wake up knowing exactly what art based career to pursue. But we all know it doesn't happen like that. So, if you are struggling like me, put yourself out there in your community! Stay optimistic and encouraged, something good WILL come your way! 


Now, let's talk about this outfit! 

This outfit was really fun to put together. Most thrifty outfits I create have multiple pieces, similar to this one. When multiple pieces are involved I tend to coordinate the whole outfit around one specific piece. In this case, the chosen piece were these awesome light charcoal grey flared pants. ($5 at Goodwill.) I knew I wanted to take this outfit in a professional direction, so my next mission was to find a blazer, specifically brown due to the brown details in the pants. I found this suede blazer ($4) and the wooden bracelet ($5) at a local resale shop called Safelight. The shoes, ring and headband I brought of out my own closet. And last, but not least, these peacock earrings rock my world! I thought they were the perfect touch of color for this outfit. (Bought at a festival for $7.) 


Thanks for reading,

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National Handbag Day!

National Handbag Day!

My Summer Staple: Sun Skirts!

My Summer Staple: Sun Skirts!

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