Lady In The Wild

Lady In The Wild

Last weekend Joe and I had our first getaway together! With all the craziness of finals approaching in school, and Joe moving into a new place, we wanted a couple nights of relaxation and to enjoy being in the outdoors! We stayed at Lazy J Campground in Rosman and it was a cute little place! 

Photo Apr 27, 11 56 58 AM_preview.jpeg

Had to take a picture in celebration for our first getaway! 


Also, I wanted to incorporate a little bit of beauty / lifestyle within this post. Before we left for our camping trip I decided I wanted to go the entire weekend makeup free. I wanted my skin and soul to be able to breath, and honestly I just wanted to be lazy with no worries! My mom got a great deal recently through Sephora where she was sent a small tote bag with a crazy amount of face cream / sunscreen samples. I jumped when I saw this product because a makeup artist at Sephora who helped me find my foundation color used this on me once and I was obsessed. It can be a little pricey, but it's soooo worth it! I wore this all weekend and not only was it protecting my face from the sun, it color corrected my skin so I didn't feel so insecure about my blotchy red skin. 


I loved that our campsite was right by the river! We loved hanging (pun intended) by the river in Joe's eno hammock and falling asleep to the sounds of the water flowing by was super relaxing.


Joe took some shots of me chopping some wood for our fire! I did a lot better than I thought I wood! (Okay, last lame pun, I promise) Haha! Since I had never really done this before, Joe and I jumped a little with excitement as I split a piece of wood down the middle for the first time. 


Having a campfire is probably one of my top favorite parts of camping. No cell phones. Just the sounds of nature and conversation with the people you love. I grew up camping throughout my childhood and I'm so thankful for it. I've had some of my best memories camping with my parents and grandparents. There's something about it that grounds me and gives me that "home" feeling. 

Also, check out the moon in this picture! It was so bright we kept waking up in the middle of the night confused if the sun was rising or not! Haha!


I'm so thankful for this wonderful man of mine!

Photo Apr 28, 8 31 34 AM_preview.jpeg

The mornings were also one of my favorite parts while camping on our getaway. It was so relaxing to not wake up to an alarm clock. We would get up, heat up the water over the fire for our french press and make coffee. Also, if you forget sugar for your coffee and have s'mores supplies on hand, use a marshmallow in your coffee! ;) All of our meals tastes sooo good being cooked over the fire! Plus it helps Joe is an amazing cook. ;)

Photo Apr 28, 5 34 32 PM_preview.jpeg

"Take a picture of me and my hotdog!!" -Joe 


Of course I found an opporunity to do some tree poses while in the wilderness! ;)


I hope you all enjoyed a little glimpse into our lovely weekend getaway! We are hoping to have another one soon, and are impatiently waiting for our cruise to the Bahamas and Princess Key in July! It will be my first cruise, first time out of the country, first drink being 21, first time in pure blue water, SO MANY FIRSTS. And I'm so glad they will all be with the man I love. 

Happy Camping,

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Spring Semester: Ceramics

Spring Semester: Ceramics

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