Spring Semester: Ceramics

Spring Semester: Ceramics

My spring semester ended this week and I'm SO relieved! I worked really hard within all my classes and embraced what they had to offer. This semester I took Sociology of the Family, Yoga 1, and Ceramics 1.

I have taken all of the Sociology classes BRCC has to offer and honestly I'm kind of bummed I can't take anymore! I find the study of people and society extremely interesting. There are so many things deeper than the surface within our daily life as contributors of society that we don't even realize we are doing, both good, bad and just simply our existence, habits and social scrips creates everything we are accustom to. I find these studies very interesting and kind of mind blowing. As you know, if you have followed me for a while, I always love having an intent and having a better understanding of emotions and intentions. So it kind of makes sense that I have such an attraction to sociology.

Yoga was incredible this semester! I learned so much about the philosophy and healthy habits of a yoga lifestyle. I had a great instructor and I hope to keep yoga incorporated in my future! I'm planning on taking local yoga classed throughout the summer, so if you are reading and want to try it or join me just shoot me a message! If you want to read more about how yoga has changed my life I did a whole post about it previously called Namaste & Slay. Go check it out!

Lastly, ceramics was a roller coaster. Looking back at all my finished projects, I'm proud of the result. However, with any art form I have dove head first into, the frustration lingers in my chest of things I could have done better or worked longer on. I had an amazing and inspiring instructor, Amy. She always had suggestions and great ideas that inspired me when I had a creative block. She always was incredibly helpful when I was struggling to learn a technique and took the extra time to help any of us students one on one. I spent a lot of extra time within this class, and as I see the results within my pieces I feel it was well worth it and I loved the experience with a new art form!

Here are some pictures of some of my favorite pieces:

Pinch Pots:

Photo May 07, 1 27 49 PM_preview.jpeg

Towards the end of the class this became my independent project. I can't wait to hang these terrariums with little succulents!

Photo May 07, 1 28 16 PM_preview.jpeg

Bowls & Cups Made On The Wheel:

Photo May 07, 1 29 19 PM_preview.jpeg
Photo May 07, 1 29 48 PM_preview.jpeg
Photo May 07, 1 30 44 PM_preview.jpeg

I didn't really keep track of what I was glazing while rushing to finish, but I ended up with a bowl and cup set unintentionally! I love this set. A classmate pointed out the inside looks like bamboo, I have to agree!

Photo May 07, 1 30 57 PM_preview.jpeg
Photo May 07, 1 31 33 PM_preview.jpeg
Photo May 07, 1 32 35 PM_preview.jpeg

This was one of the larger bowls I was able to create on the wheel. It got a little warped within the last firing, just goes to show clay has a memory! I must have moved the form after it was taken off of the wheel. I hope to use this bowl for Japanese Miso soup or a Ramen noodle style bowl. I added the hole as a chop-stick holder. 

Photo May 07, 1 33 40 PM_preview.jpeg

I love this piece! It was a mixture of Brown Stone clay, and Little Loafers clay on the wheel. I added a little notch on the top as a tea string holder since I'm an avid tea drinker!

Photo May 07, 1 33 58 PM_preview.jpeg

Hand Built Coil Pots:

Photo May 07, 1 34 56 PM_preview.jpeg
Photo May 07, 1 35 04 PM_preview.jpeg
Photo May 07, 1 35 36 PM (1)_preview.jpeg
Photo May 07, 1 35 51 PM_preview.jpeg

Hand Built Medusa Inspired Mask:

Photo May 07, 1 38 35 PM_preview.jpeg
Photo May 07, 1 38 16 PM_preview.jpeg

Hand Built Mugs:

Photo May 07, 1 51 15 PM_preview.jpeg
Photo May 07, 1 51 38 PM_preview.jpeg
Photo May 07, 1 52 26 PM_preview.jpeg
Photo May 07, 1 52 49 PM_preview.jpeg

My personal favorite hand built mug that I made. I made it to fit my hand perfectly. If only I had thought to add a tea string notch on the side...

Photo May 07, 1 53 01 PM_preview.jpeg
Photo May 07, 1 53 08 PM_preview.jpeg

Thanks for reading about all my ceramic pieces! If any of you get the chance to take a local ceramics class at a studio or in college I highly recommend it! ;)

- Lady In Thought

Hello Spring!

Hello Spring!

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