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I hope everyone is having a great summer so far! Sadly most of my free time will be gone by the second week of August when I begin my fall semester at school. BUT this is supposed to be my last semester with only 2 classes! I'm super excited to begin a new chapter after I receive my associate in arts degree.

I have had a really nice and relaxing summer so far. I took the summer off from school because back in December my boyfriend Joe and I booked a cruise together! July finally rolled around after months of built up excitement and we boarded our cruise ship the day after I turned 21! 

I'm so fortunate to have met a man who wants to adventure the world with me and experience new things. Joe has been on several cruises before, so I had comfort in knowing I was with someone experienced. We traveled with Carnival Cruise to Princess Cays and Nassau, Bahamas!

I keep trying to count on my fingers how many new things I experienced on this trip and I always miss a few because I did SO many new things! 

Here's a few to name:

-The cruise

-Seeing blue water

-Playing in a casino (those slot machines are addicting btw!)

-Going out of the country

-First vacation with my love

-Had conch fritters  


Photo Jul 14, 12 05 15 PM.jpg

My first drink on the cruise, a Pina Colada! Yummmm!

Photo Jul 15, 8 57 04 PM.jpg

Y'all... I have the sweetest and most thoughtful man in the universe. When Joe and I arrived to our room, it was decorated for my birthday. It seemed like the surprises were never ending. It made my heart so full that he also arranged for me to receive these coupons for the spa and pictures. We ended up not using the spa one, but I loved buying our pictures from the boat to put in our adventure scrapbook! 


Joe snapped a picture while I was getting ready for the elegant night on the ship where everyone dresses up.

Photo Jul 17, 9 22 03 AM.jpg

Joe and I on the elegant night! <3 This is a pretty good picture of what the inside of the ship looks like. I described it as Las Vegas on a boat! Haha!

Photo Jul 17, 9 21 20 AM.jpg

Our first stop off of the ship was at Princess Cays. It was so fun to experience beautiful blue water for the first time. I brought a face mask so we could swim under water and look at all the fish!

Photo Jul 17, 9 21 14 AM.jpg

We found this cool little dock while wandering around Princess Cays.

On the morning we arrived at Nassau, Bahamas Joe woke me up so we could watch the sunrise. Sadly it was too cloudy to really see anything, but the sun finally peaked through and created this beautiful glowy light as we pulled up to the island. 


I brought along a specail outfit I put together just for a photo shoot in the Bahamas! I absolutely loved this outfit. It made me feel like an exotic queen of an island. How fitting ;)

Photo Jul 17, 10 24 16 AM.jpg

Enjoying my first AMAZING mojito at the John Watling's Distillery after our tour!

Photo Jul 17, 10 24 07 AM.jpg

After touring the distillery, we mostly just explored and had a great lunch where I tried Joe's favorite, conch fritters! They were amazing! Later that afternoon we got back on the cruise ship and relaxed.

If you've made it this far, thanks for checking out part of our awesome trip. I absolutely loved the cruise and would definitely do another one! I have a few more blog posts in the works of even more awesome photos from our experiences and travels. 

Keep your eyes out for more posts coming,

Lady In Thought

Bahama Beach Babe

Bahama Beach Babe

Happy July 4th!

Happy July 4th!

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