Frida Kahlo: Be Your Own Muse

Frida Kahlo: Be Your Own Muse

Happy Valentines Day Lovelies!

I hope whether you’re enjoying your day with someone special, with friends, or by yourself with a glass of evening wine (because it’s just a damn Thursday), that you feel love when you begin to rest your beautiful body to sleep tonight.

As I like to try to put a spin on my holiday posts, this v-day post is entirely inspired by my artistic muse, Frida Kahlo. I have grown to love her art as much as her mind and heart. I admire her creativity and production of art while being put through so much mental and physical pain throughout her life. There are so many directions these discussions could go about her paintings, so for this post I wanted to focus on her self portraits that have stood out to me while studying her life lately.

A little background on this outfit creation:

The moment I saw this skirt, which I’ve had my eye on for some time within Jade’s (@ornamentalstone) Poshmark online shop, available for $8 I couldn’t resist purchasing it.

Best. Purchase. Ever.

What are the odds this skirt fits as if it were made for me? AND it screams the beautiful authentic, vibrant, type of clothing Frida would wear? That’s just too meant to be if you ask me. These kind of moments within life - and in fashion - where everything just seems to fall into place always hits a raw place within my heart and soul that makes me melt into a puddle.

I found this artsy, v-neck body suit from Forever 21 for about $18. I splurged a little on this piece, but I’m able to wear it in the future with skirts, or jeans. So I found it reasonable since I can get a lot of use from it year around.

I also stumbled upon both the statement earrings and necklace from a local Goodwill, where they were having a 2 for $6 jewelry sale. SCORE.


The Two Fridas

This is currently my favorite painting by Frida Kahlo. I love how she took chances within her art during her time to stand out while the Surrealism art movement was surfacing during the 20th century. She had a wonderful way of incorporating influences from Mexican folk and Aztec folk culture within her still-life and portrait pieces. I find her way of exposing organs within her work extremely fascinating as well. I included her style of exposing organs within my abstract portrait tattoo I had done of her in November.

While I admire these aspects of Frida’s work, I respect even more through her diary and paintings how she grew to know herself best as well as became her own focus through her time of mental and physical pain. It is no secret that her on and off again husband, Diego Rivera, was unfaithful to her. She had such a deep, unconditional love for him expressed through all of her work and diary. While she experienced his unfaithful nature and her 20-something painful surgeries, she had a lot of time to herself and began painting/ drawing herself.

Creating images of yourself is an incredibly challenging thing to do within art, which is why her self portraits are so well known and discussed within the art community.


Becoming My Own Muse

I may never become talented enough to create portraits of myself as Frida did, but her message has resonated with me on a much deeper level.

I will always be my own muse.

After my past relationships and hardships in life, I have had the “devastating stage” as many people do. The “how can I move on from this” or “all I can think of is the pain I’m in” or “everything reminds me of him”. After time passes, things always lessen. There are reminders and baggage, but I become even more resilient, brave, self assured, and have a stronger heart than before when I thought I was my happiest.

Within this I strengthened my Muse Senses. I’m more skeptical of the games people and society play. My welcoming eyes see more than whats behind the surface of situations, as if I’ve learned my lessons from another lifetime. My sensitivity to conversations makes what I have to say important.

And most of all within learning and strengthening my Muse Senses, I put ME first.

How will this situation or person affect ME? Will that bring me joy or pain? Is this an investment or temporary? How will this affect my future?

As people we can only protect our loved ones, hearts, and lives so much.

Well, because it’s life.

But as parents try to protect their children to the best of their ability, we should protect ourselves while having ourselves in mind.


The Wounded Dear // The Little Dear

Another favorite painting of mine by Frida Kahlo.

Ever felt like the world won’t stop shooting arrows at you?

Me too.


Thank you so much for reading a piece of my heart and reading about my love for Frida Kahlo.

She has been such an inspiration to me this past year and continues to help me understand myself through what the world has left of her.

I’m planning on visiting an exhibit of her art and personal items at the Brooklyn Museum in March. I’m hoping I don’t burst into tears because of how deep her art cuts my soul.

Yes, I plan on rocking this outfit in NY for a day! ;)


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