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Life has been such a roller coaster these days, I truly don’t know where to begin.

So I’ll start with the good stuff!

A little over a week ago I received my first VIP invitation to an event at a local brewery in Asheville, Catawba Brewing. Of course I had my plus one, Joe. We made some great connections and enjoyed their White Zombie cocktail along with zombie cupcakes. The event was to sign people up for their upcoming zombie marathon run as well as supporting the MANNA Food Bank organization. I felt so special being one of the few invited as a VIP guest to this event, and it was a great opportunity for Joe to make network connections as well. The Catawba Brewing folks were super inviting, generous and great hosts.


I wore this outfit to the event last Thursday. I loved the mix of eye catching jewelry, a slimming body suit topped with the blazer. Tried out a pocket square as a belt accessory too. ;)

Before I reveal my second but most important news, I wanted to give a shout out to one of my most favorite internet gal pals who I truly hope to meet someday. She has the most amazing shop on Depop, where I bought this blazer, and she sent me a few of these accessories as well! Thanks, Caitlin!

You can visit her shop, here.

My big news is…



On May 28th I will be entering a new world as an Administrative Assistant. I’m so eager to take a step into a job that will help me grow in so many more aspects. Having to step up in certain situations within my current retail job has been good for me. I’ve felt myself grow in so many ways, but I’d be lying if I hid the fact that I felt as if my time was very done there. I’ve been needing more than what it has been serving me lately, and with my degree under my belt, there’s nothing holding me back. I can’t wait for more money, more benefits, more learning / experience and more respect. Oh, and more business fashion! ;)


I’ve always been one to predict or control my path as much as possible.

But let’s be honest, when looking or applying for jobs, after you submit that resume or give that million dollar handshake, it’s out of your hands.

As I am growing a relationship with God, I knew I had to leave this time in His hands. I prayed through my journal more than I ever had for this job. Being judged and being afraid of rejection is so scary y’all… if you’ve ever tried out for a team, a play, or interviewed, you know what I’m talking about.

In the past when being interested or applying for new things, prayer wasn’t part of the equation. I just hoped for the best and cried…. A LOT. But this time was different. I made it a point to talk about leaving this in God’s hands this time around when discussing this hopeful opportunity with friends and family. I tried my best not to doubt the potential positive outcome and to know if it didn’t happen, it just meant it was time to gain this as experience and that God had something special waiting for me around the corner. Although I am thrilled to have this opportunity, I’m sure I’m being placed within this position to learn even more lessons.

I had one of the best, grounding, conversations with Joe right before my interview. He was in Texas that week for a work conference, so we were texting.

I was beginning to feel insecure, doubtful and nervous.

He said, “…it’s up to God, not them.”


I reminded myself of that in the car before my interview.

And again while my chest began to tighten in the waiting area before my interview.

Everything went so well, and I know it’s because I put my trust in Him and did my best.

HE has helped me become my best, and still is.


Thanks for reading about my journey lately and checking out my newest thrifty outfit creation.

I’m so excited to being this new journey!


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