I'm Shelby, also known as Lady In Thought. I am 20 years old and have been born and raised in North Carolina! I hold the roles of being a fashion blogger, arts student, part time sales associate, daughter and friend very close to my heart. 

Taylor Heery Photography

Taylor Heery Photography

Why did I begin this blog? 

This blog originally began as a place for me to post my own personal thoughts, literary pieces, outfit creations or life experiences. However, my love of fashion and inspiring others took over to create what you see presented here today. Sometimes I still post about my adventures, personal photography, or subjects that weigh heavy on my heart but mostly I have dedicated this blog to trifty outfit creations. 

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Why affordable fashion?

Affordable fashion being the subject of my blog is a pretty self explanatory definition. When I thought about making my blog focused on fashion more than other things, (such as my literary pieces: poems, advice etc.) I wanted my page to be more than just another fashion blog where people liked to look at my pictures. Which I'm sure is still what people do, but for me there's a larger meaning behind affordable fashion. The concept of affordable fashion is turning something simple, into something unique. The idea, of creating a unique outfit, provides me with confidence and motivation in my daily life. I wish to bring light to this concept for others to experience the joy that it brings me!